software developer.
art history.

Software Engineer interested in using computer science methods and technologies for helping to solve up-coming challenges for humanity.

I'm a passionate programmer based in Vienna, Austria, mostly using Python. I started diving into Deep Learning recently during the work on my bachelor's thesis. Download my CV or send a secure message via PGP. I'm German, speak English and just started to learn French. I also love playing the guitar and drums.

Projects & Interests

  1. MMetering: Smart Metering for private and community houses.
  2. Programming Basic Course: Beginners course for non-computer science students at the University of Passau (Universität Passau).
  3. Participate in events like HackZurich.
  4. Various professional contract work for customers in Germany (since 2013).


You can expect irregularly published notes on current world events, memes, short stories, articles and essays from various renowned guest writers and astonishing Wikipedia articles.

Make sure not to miss it!